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Community Involvement

     Il-Mo Entity Trackers goal is to help. Sometimes this is in the private home. To make the homeowner feel safe in their own home.  Sometimes it is a business. To validate the owners and customers feelings of being in the building, and to reassure those people that they are not crazy in what they are sensing. And sometimes, we feel the need to be involved in activities that surround the community. From helping raise money for organizations, promoting those causes which effect so many people, or to applaud those that give to others, this page is dedicated.  These events are to raise awareness for the needs of others, and how everyone can make a difference in the lives of others. And sometimes, this involvement will spread outside of our community, state, or even country. Anywhere you can give a  hand, and hope, makes it a place you need to visit.

This page will, of course, continue to grow as our involvement in the community and the country grows. And we hope that it will inspire you to get more involved in your community, and in the causes which touch your heart. 





From the cd "Cemetery Gates" 2008
Used with permission


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