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Co-Founder, Website Manager, Tech Adviser
     I am a "late bloomer" to the world of the paranormal. At least to really thinking about it. I guess I have just spent too much time trying to raise a family and make a living, that I didn't stop to think what was around me. That changed when I joined my first paranormal team more than 6 years ago. I did it mostly to be able to work with the equipment and to design the website, but it opened up a different sphere of understanding which I had not expected.
     I have always had a strong belief in God, a belief in Angels and Guardians. So it really isn't a hard step to believe in the existence of ghosts and entities. And over the last four years, I have become more of a believer. Oh, I am still the skeptic of the group. I work hard to dispute the audio we have captured. I try to recreate the video clips which seemingly show paranormal activity. And I try to find out the real reason the K2 meter goes off. And over the last 6 years, I have had a few of my own experiences, such as my jacket being tugged, and an episode of being very creeped out in a building. But it will not deter me from trying to find the answers we seek.
     I had known the other co-founder for several years, and had worked with her on several other teams. But none of them exactly jelled with our way of wanting to deal with the paranormal. So we talked, brainstormed, and talked some more. And Il-Mo was created. She has since moved on to another team. This team strives to provide professional investigations to our clients, and to help ease discomfort in any way we can. So if you have a problem, send us an email and we will get back with you as soon as possible.
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     A diverse team is made up of members with various backgrounds and interests. I have spent the last 4 decades studying many different fields, including Occultism, Tarot Reading, Lenormand, Runes, and Scrying. I am currently associated with the River City Metaphysical Society, The Denali Institute of Northern Traditions, and Inter Nos. I have a background in healthcare as well as private security, and have visited many locations in the States, as well as having hiked around Europe.
     I am looking forward to experimenting with older methods of investigating, the type that doesn't require batteries! And hopefully these methods will blend with what is already being done by this team, with the end goal of increasing our understanding of the unknown.




"Born Of The Night"
From The CD "Out Of The Darkness" 2006
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