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Civil War Location
Il-Mo Entity Trackers recently had the pleasure to join with Paranormal Task Force for an investigation at the location of one of the many Civil War structures that remain, scattered throughout the Midwest.  The Civil War was such a dark time for our country, and the scars of that era remain today. Walk through the military cemeteries and look at the stones, so many of young men cut down in the prime of their lives. Father against son, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. Homes burned, families destroyed, lives ruined. The "innocent" became killers, and innocence was lost. Farm boys became criminals, strong men were shot down for their beliefs, and families splintered to never be joined again. 
     Some places have disappeared. Some have become national parks, partially so that history would be remembered. History forgotten is bound to be repeated, and we hope that the trying times of the Civil War will long be remembered, so that this country can remain united together, to stand against all threats her safety. We only hope.
     It would only make sense that a place that had seen so many harsh realities would be the location of some unexplained activity. And from what we have heard, this location would not disappoint. Soldiers have been said to move around the entire area, with one having a visible bullet wound in his head. Soldiers walking the wall, guarding the compound and the gun powder stores. Shadows, footsteps, many things that could not be explained. This is what we were hoping for.
     Even though we were not able to capture any EVPs from this night, we did have many personal experiences. Shadows moving in and out of the fields. Footsteps heard in the stable area, when only 2 were present, and they were not moving. And the mist that developed along the wall, which could not be explained. Personal experiences are just that, personal, and were not captured on film, or were they? Continue to read to find out, and see what you think.
     We wish to thank Greg Myers, Sandy Oats, and Terry Gambill, and the rest of the PTF crew for letting us be a part of this historical investigation.

One of the barracks, still standing on the property
Entrance to the stables
Wall, surrounding the buildings and the munitions stores
Room inside the stables
One of the "soldiers" talks to Terry Gamble from PTF, while Scott
and Teri listen in. 
Photo courtesy of Greg Meyers
The powder house, where gun powder was stored during
the war.
The stables
Greg Meyers from PTF 
photo courtesy of Terry Gambill
Greg of PTF, along with Terry Gambill and Scott
Terry walks into the stable, where Teri and Scott heard footsteps
Terry of PTF, with Teri and Scott
photo courtesy of Greg Meyers
Guards walk the wall, around the powder house
photo courtesy of Terry Gambill
Another "guard" walks the wall at night
photo courtesy of Terry Gambill
The Mist that developed at the wall.
photo courtesy of Terry Gambill
"Carriage Ride"
By: Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: Monsters Of Legend, 2013
Used with Permission of: Midnight Syndicate
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