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Women's Civic Club
Canton, Missouri 
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers was honored recently to be able to do a presentation to the Women's Civic Club in Canton, Missouri. These ladies are an asset to their community, being instrumental in numerous activities, including the presentation of 2 $500 scholarships to various groups in the Missouri Area. They are also responsible for planting flowers in the Canton park, and keeping it looking nice during the spring and summer months.
     After setting up our computer, and a brief introduction, Teri presented clips from many of the locations in the Tri-State area that the team has collected over the last several years. She included the Villa Kathrine in Quincy, the Marion County Jail in Palmyra, Woodland Cemetery in Quincy, and The Athens Battlefield in Athens. But the favorite for the group was Prairie View in Lewistown. Several of these ladies had had family reside in the building, and one had even worked there in the past. They enjoyed listening to the evidence presented from these locations. And we noticed some of the interesting looks we got when some of these were played. Definitely a hit of the night.
     Teri also did a presentation of some of the equipment we use during our investigations. We feel that it is important to let people know what we use in our search for evidence, and this is an excellent way for them to see, up close and personal, what the equipment looks like and how it acts. The Ovilus was a big hit as it was being passed around the room, and as we waited for it to "talk." 
     But with all we presented, our favorite part of the night were the stories that the ladies shared with us. We heard stories from LaGrange to Canton, and everywhere in-between! It seems like everyone always has a story, and these incredible ladies were no different. Some were stories from their early childhood. And many of them revolved around the stories of the history of the area. This part of Missouri is well known for its history of the Native Americans which once called this location home. And it also has ties to the Underground Railroad, which helped the slaves to escape into "free" states.  We picked up some places that we had not previously been aware of, and have started doing research into them. We are always excited to learn more of the history which surrounds these sleepy river towns.
     We wish to thank this amazing group of  women who strive to improve their community by their actions and deeds. We appreciate their interest in this field of study, and hope they enjoyed our time half as much as we enjoyed spending time with them! So the next time you drive by the park and see the beautiful flowers, be sure to think about the ladies who give so selflessly of their time and talents to help make their community a better place to live.
From the cd "The 13th Hour" 2005
Used with permission

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