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R Theater Event
Auburn, Illinois
     Being able to investigate at a historic location is something that we so enjoy doing. Getting a chance to hang out with some of the greats in the paranormal world is always something we enjoy. When you combine both, it makes for an incredible opportunity to do something which makes our day even better.  This was day one of our exciting weekend.
     We had a great opportunity to take part in a speakers work shop and an investigation with Brad Klinge and his crew this past May. The first day was at the R Theater owned by Robbin & Norma Terry, and for those of you that are not aware, a very well known person was found hanging out at the R Theater recently. Who might you ask?? John Wayne Gacy!!   Brad has investigated this location several times, and has had some interesting experiences inside this historic location. This day was all about how John Wayne Gacy was found in this building, how Brad met Robbin, and about how Robbin got involved in the making of one of Brad's Strange Curiosity episodes.
     Robbin and Norma had previously purchased some furniture that once belonged to John Wayne Gacy's lawyer. One particular piece held some paintings that Gacy gave to his lawyer, and now is in the Terry's living room. There is a cabinet, very pretty details and solidly build. But the strange thing about the cabinet, the door will not open. And it hasn't since it was moved to its present location. And Robbin doesn't know the reason it remains closed. Always looking for an answer,  Robbin has had several psychic friends tell him that when "it" is ready to come out. the door will open. We have not decided yet if this is a good thing or not.
     This day started at 12:00 with several speakers that were all linked in some fashion to John Wayne Gacy. These included Stephen J. Giannangelo, who is a Special Agent with the Illinois Department of Revenue, Bureau of Criminal Investigation. He is currently a member of the Illinois State Police Task Force. He holds a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He is an author, as well as an owner of several paintings by John Wayne Gacy. He brought a couple of paintings for us to view and allowed us to take pictures of these paintings. We had the chance to meet him and he autographed his latest book Real Life Monsters for one team member!
     Lisa Livingston Bridwell. who is a psychic medium and a guest in the Strange Curiosity episode, described one of the investigations she was a part of, where one night they came upon the trail to Gacy! She also shared stories from her past and gave us an insight to her abilities. It seems Gacy's favorite spot in the theater is on the walkway in the garage looking down on everyone. Was he up there on this day? We were not sure but we noticed that Lisa glanced up there a lot during the presentation.  It would be very interesting to investigate with her some time.
     Patty Milstead and Damon Bridges, who are both psychic mediums, and were with Lisa the night this whole story came about, shared their insights and abilities on the words and images they were picking up on and how they zoned in on Gacy. They are a very talented team and run a business called The Angels Nest in Auburn, Illinois.  Patty and her husband Russell are great investigators and one of our team members has had the pleasure to met them several times at different events.
     We also had some special fun during the afternoon when Jacob Espinoza, who is a member of 9 Diamond Productions, took time out to show us his talent as a magician. He had some very clever tricks up his sleeve and the audience loved him.
     Wrapping up the presentation portion of the day was Brad Klinge!  He shared some events from his TV days and how when Robbin was a guest at his house in Texas he shared the story of the theater. Brad came to Illinois to film and release episode 3 of Strange Curiosity, and wanted to come back and stay several days and see if John Wayne Gacy would come forward again. Brad is a big guy, with a booming voice, and he had called out Gacy the last time he was here. Impressive, to say the least.
     We ended the night with an investigation of this historic location. During the investigation you could hear Brad's voice calling Gacy out several times throughout the night. Unfortunately we were not able to hear any responses from this convicted killer. Our investigation was other wise quiet, but what a chance of a life time to investigate with Brad and the team from 9 Diamond.
     We are unfortunate to not be able to present any audio or video evidence, but want to encourage you to take a few minutes to check out our photos from that night. And we look forward to a return investigation to this incredible location in the near future. And be sure to check out our Brad Klinge at Ashmore page, for day 2 of our wonderful weekend.

Brad discusses items during the meet and greet portion.
Carl and Donna, from the Boo Hunters.
Pogo the clown, as painted by John Wayne Gacy.
The wardrobe, which was bought from the attorney for JWG.
Robbin and Steve hanging out.
Scott prepares to take a picture.
During the meet and greet.
Another picture painted by John Wayne Gacy.
Brad investigates upstairs.
Donna and Cal in the green room.
Getting to know each other.
Team member Teri with Brad Klinge.
"Noctem Aeternus"
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