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Ashmore Estates
Brad Klinge Event
     We so enjoy getting to know other members of the paranormal world. The friendships we develop are often life long, and we look forward to each chance as another opportunity to expand our knowledge of this world that so many do not understand. So when the chance to be a part of an event where so many of the "names" in the paranormal are going to be, we try to not miss the chance. Such was this day, held at Ashmore Estates, day 2 of our amazing weekend spent with some incredible people.
     Sunday night we arrived at Ashmore Estates to investigate with "the crew." It was so much fun to get out there with Brad's Team and the other investigators that came to the 2 day event. We had the opportunity to see some new equipment, that now has gone on our "want list," and it was great listening and working with new techniques. The more we see and learn, the better our chances at capturing the evidence we all so want to share with the world.
     We had a lot of personal experiences, but unfortunately most of the audio was contaminated by too many people in the building.  The second floor seemed to be the hot spot and Brian is still trying to learn the name of the spirit that followed him on the 3rd Floor.
     It was great to meet everyone, and a huge Thank you to Robbin and Norma Terry for opening their home and the invite to get the tickets!! We always love investigating these locations. Brad Klinge, Richard Rose, Chris Melancon, Jacob Espinoza, and Kris Rafliff ....Thanks for the pics, sharing of equipment and a lasting para weekend!
     We don't have any audio to share with you, but please spend some time viewing the photos, as they represent an amazing night spent at this very historic location.

Brad stops for a photo with team member Teri.
Brad makes a "me and my" fine shadow.
Scott and Brad during the investigation.
Robbin and Brad investigate.
Several different trigger objects set out.
Scott beside the dark face.
Brad and Robbin in the hallway.
Working with the trigger objects.
Teri with Riverbend Paranormal Brian.
Teri snaps a photo with David, The Paranormal Highwayman.
"Black Woods"
By: Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: Realms Of Shadows, 2000
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate
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