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Booth Brothers
     It would be hard to be in the field of paranormal investigations without knowing the name of the Booth Brothers. Philip and Christopher Booth are self-taught filmakers, who moved to the United States from England. While filming the movie "Death Tunnel" at Waverly Hills, the team had their own experiences with spirits and unexplained cold spots. And the rest is history in the making. This team has produced many documentaries based on the paranormal, such as "Children Of The Grave," "Soul Catcher," "Possessed," and "Haunted Boy." This team not only films the content, they also write the musical scores that accompany the film. We are looking forward to many more documentaries from this talented team in the future.
     It was to the St. Louis premeire of "The Haunted Boy" that members of our team went one fall day in October, 2010. After a meet and greet, our team sat down to watch the latest documentary by the Booth Brothers. The film, based on the true events that inspired the book and movie "The Exorcist," examined the young boy who had the experience with possession. The team had the actual diary written by the priest involved, and the film contained footage shot inside the house where the young boy lived at the time. The furniture is stored under lock and key, in a military base, never to be opened. The asylum has now been converted to apartments, but the top floor has been left undisturbed. This movie is definitely one that is on your must-see list, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Oh, and it was great meeting the Booth Brothers. They are so very down-to-earth, with a real passion for what they do. We wish them continued success in both their music and films.



Teri, enjoying some time spent with Philip and Christopher Booth. The Brothers enjoy meeting their fans, and each one know how important they are to the brothers. And the fans enjoy meeting the brothers. We look forward to the next premiere and hope to see you there as well.

    Philip and Christopher Booth with Keith Age during the "Haunted Boy" premiere                       


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