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Bobby Mackey's
Wilder, Kentucky
      On Saturday night, one can hear the sounds of music coming from inside Bobby Mackey's. The Honky Tonk does a brisk business, and every weekend, cowboys and cowgirls come to dance the night away. But when the music fades, and the lights dim, is there still somethng that walks the floors? Some think that if you listen a bit harder, you might hear the past crying, letting you know that it remembers. Do the souls of past occupants remain, waiting for lost loves? Does a lost soul wander around, trying to find closure? There are a lot of theories surrounding the building, but there are a few facts that no one disagrees with.
   In 1894-1895, a slaughterhouse was on this grounds, complete with a drainage system that carried the blood and other wastes from the slaughterhouse to the river below. Around 1896, the building closed. As it happened, that same year, a young woman, Pearl Bryan, was found dead and beheaded in a field. Autopsy showed that she was five months pregnant at the time of her death. An investigation resulted in two young men being convicted of killing her, possibly because of a botched abortion attempt; that when the abortion was not successful they strangled her and beheaded her to reduce possibility of identification. Both the men were eventually hanged, each blaming the other for the death. Time passed. The slaughterhouse was remodeled and a saloon opened. In 1930, the building was again remodeled and expanded, and the Primrose Country Club was started. In 1946, the Latin Quarter took over, running until 1961 when it closed. Several smaller businesses occupied the building until 1977 when it was closed due to being a nuisance. In 1978 the building was purchased by Bobby Mackey and reopened for business.
   Does the ghost of Pearl Bryan still roam the area? Reports of seeing a headless apparition have been noted, as well as mists, unexplained noises, and being touched. Does Pearl still look for her head, which was never found. Was the slaughterhouse used for Satanistic rituals, rituals, which may have included the two men who were punished for the crime? Did Pearl's head end in the drainage system, a part of this ritual?  Or have the events that occurred been blended into folklore which people now believe as the truth? Il-Mo Entity Trackers were a part of a team that traveled to Bobby Mackey's to see if they could find answers to these questions.
     Please join us now as we recount our time spent in Kentucky.
Can you stay on for eight seconds?
During the investigation, members of the team saw this mechanical bull move slightly.
The upstairs apartment. The wallpaper is original to the building.
The original holding area for the money. A hole in the outside wall, and the money was passed inside. 
Stairway leading downstairs. This is where night club owner's daughter Johanna, as well as Janet Mackey were said to have been pushed down. Both were supposedly 5 months pregnant at the time.
Welcome to Mackey's World!
One of the original doors in the building.
The Portal To Hell.
Many people are said to have weird sensations in this area, especially pregnant women.
This area was the drain that ran to the river. It has been filled in, and no sounds from outside can come into the basement.
Our guide Wanda had the sensation that someone was touching her hair.
One of the gambling tables located inside the building. Some very famous mobsters are said to have frequented this location.
Tracks leading towards Wilder, Kentucky
Teri, shown in one of the doorways at Mackey's.
She heard voices down the hallway here.
Recordings that night were hard to hear due to the fan that ran the entire time our team was there. The following three clips are those that we could hear something that did not fit in with the conversation at the time.
*These are all better heard if you wear headphones
Captured in the basement area
These were captured in the bull riding area
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