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Bloody Mary
    Did any of you ever, as a kid, stand in front of the mirror with your best friend. You had a small candle burning in the darkness, your only source of light. Did you have the nerve to taunt Mary to come out? Did you murmur "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary?" Maybe you said her name while turning around in a circle. Did you ever see a pale face with glowing eyes looking back at you in the mirror? Did you run screaming from the room? Well, members of our team sure have!
     The story of Bloody Mary has been passed down through the years. And there are several variations to the tale.  It is said if you see her face looking back at you, you could be found dead with claw marks over your body, you could be driven insane, you could drop dead on the spot, your eyes could be ripped out and your face scarred, or the worst, you could be transported into the mirror, to live with the ghost for eternity.
     The identity of Mary is as varied as the tale. Some say it is a woman who was in a car accident, and her face was horribly scarred before she died. She comes back to make people look like she did at the time of her death. Some believe it is the spirit of a witch, Mary Worth, who was executed a hundred years ago during the Salem Witch trials for practicing the dark arts. She comes back now through the mirror to gain her revenge on her death. Some say she is the spirit of Mary I, Queen of England, who was known as Bloody Mary because of the number of violent executions she ordered, including burning people at the stake. Because she was known to have been unable to have children, the tale often adds in the chant about "I stole your baby."
     Whatever the tale that is told, many people have tried this chant. Whether they actually saw something, or thought they saw something, we will never know the answer. But we are sure that this legend will continue for many generations to come. So now that you are no longer a child, try it out, if you dare. But don't blame us if you find yourself trapped in a ghostly world, looking out from the mirror, waiting for the next brave soul to chant those words....Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!

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