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Auburn Theater
Auburn, Illinois
     There was a time when each town had their own theater, a gathering spot for families and couples for a night of entertainment. Many were the stages for vaudeville performances, the original "live theater." With the popularity of the moving pictures, many of these theaters converted to the "big screen" and carried on the history of providing entertainment to many.
     This is one such building. Constructed in the 1940's by the Mitchell family,  the R Theater, as it was known (the initials of the family: Ray, Robert, Roberta, and Reid, and mother Rayna,) was able to seat more than 500 persons at a time, and often had sold out sessions. The family lived in a home attached to the south side of the house, and the building was the largest in town.
     In the 1970's the building was sold, and from there it was in a downward spiral. Several businesses were housed in the building, including a video games store and a tattoo shop. Eventually the bank foreclosed on the property, and the building sat empty and alone, a product of a time long ago. In 1999 Robbin Terry purchased the building, and started to remodel the old theater, including building an apartment upstairs where he and his wife lived. Several years ago the back of the building collapsed, and many of the seating areas were destroyed. And the accounts of paranormal activity started.
     Children have talked about someone named Rex, who hides under the stage. One of the chairs seems to have someone who might not like others sitting there. A little girl who seems to be very intelligent as well as an older female who seems to watch over people have been noted during previous investigations. Voices have been heard in the green room, as well as the image of a cat upstairs in the apartment. Do previous residents of the building still reside here? Are they happy to see the renovations that are occurring now? Are they members of the Mitchell family, or perhaps past patrons who had such a good time attending the theater that they wish to remain there forever.
     It was to this location that Il-Mo Entity Trackers headed during this year, to see if we could make contact with any of the souls which seem to still live here. Did we succeed? Follow us now as we retrace our steps during this investigation at a very historic location.
This location has special meaning, as Robbin donates all proceeds from tours to St. Jude Children Research Hospital. He drives the Mystery Machine, and donates to the research towards Juvenile Diabetes. If you get the chance, stop in and say Hi, and maybe you can scratch Scooby's head as well. And for an interesting night which combines the paranormal and helping others, set up an investigation. You won't be sorry you did!

The ticket booth for the
R Theater.
Robbin Terry, who gave
a tour of the building.
Randy uses the dowsing rods in the Green Room.
Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine, the original Ghost Hunter.
Teri listens to the story that
Robbin relates regarding the
history of the building.
The wall of names. Robbin was trying to decide on a color to paint, when he heard
the color Pink. Pink it was. And investigators are allowed to sign their names around the Scooby Door.
David sits quietly in the Green Room.
Our signatures, along with many well-known in the Midwest, including the Kling Brothers, and our friend Dave Richey from After Dark Paranormal.
Teri and Sharon investigate the Green Room, hoping to catch a glimpse of the spirit that has been seen in that room.
Memories of a time ago. But look at the wall of videos he has now!
In the front lobby, by the concession stand
One member of the team had been in the crawlspace
and this was recorded when the team was talking to
him about his knees.
In the garage, where part of the theater seating
used to be.
Spirit Box:
In the basement
In the Green room, where many voices
have been heard
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