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Battle Of Athens

Revere, Missouri

     It was a town of almost 1,000 people, located in Clark County, along the banks of the Des Moines River. The Civil War was raging, pitting neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, father against son. In Athens, the silence on the morning of August 5, 1861 was disrupted with the firing of a cannon, thus marking the beginning of  the Battle of Athens. Known as the most northern battle west of the Mississippi, this Civil War "skirmish" lasted less than two hours, but succeeded in halting the progress of the Confederate troops northward into Iowa. The Union forces, led by Colonel David Moore, with less than 500 men, were able to withstand the Confederate forces of almost 2,000 men, led by Colonel Martin Green. The Confederate forces had 3 cannons, but one made from a hollowed out log exploded when it was fired, rendering it useless. One cannonball pierced the house of Joseph Benning, passing directly through the house. Confederate casualties were reported to be 31 killed or wounded, while Union casualties were 23.
     While this, for some, was their first taste of fighting, for many it was not their last. Colonel Green was later killed at Vicksburg in 1863, while Colonel Moore was wounded in the Battle of Shiloh in 1862. Many who fought in the Battle of Athens never returned home. And while the battles continued on for several years, many brave men encountered their final fate on a battlefield such as this one. Some never to be returned back to their family and the homes that they loved.
      Does a violent death cause the soul to stay rooted in the spot where they died? Do the spirits of the soldiers wander around, trying to find their way home, only to be held in an area for which there is no escape? Can the distant sounds of battle be heard even today? Such events have been reported at this battlefield. The sounds of cannon fire, the sounds of people marching, sounds of horses moving  along the street, and the images of men who disappear from sight. Lights have  seen moving along and they are not  attached to anyone visible. People have been heard talking where no one is located. And the mist rises and disappears quicker than can be expected.
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers traveled to Athens, to attempt to make contact with the spirits which seem to reside in
this location. The rain brought a rapid conclusion to our investigation, and we were forced to leave much earlier than planned. But this was not the first time members of our team have been to this historic location. The following is a combination of our current investigation along with previous visits. We hope that you enjoy taking a walk back with us to a place filled with the memories of a vastly different time, being preserved for future generations to learn and enjoy.

                                                   Colonel Martin Green                                Where the Union Forces aligned, facing the South        Colonel David Moore
  Confederate Forces                                                                                                                     Union Forces                                                                                                           

Was used as a hospital, has also been a hotel.

Jane Gray House 
The Thomas Benning House, also known as the Cannonball House
 The hole visible in the west wall.

Site of the Athens Mill. These bricks were from the Mill built in 1844
Stone wheels used in the Mill.

We know this as Grandpa's House. A friend's grandfather shot his wife, than crossed into the woods and shot himself. We were part of a team that had an encounter with some "dogs" and wondered if the two were related.
Stone structure while walking along the Athens Mill Overlook. Story we heard was that a little girl died and was buried near here. Was this her home at one time?

A shot of the mist which materialized quickly, and left just as fast.

This was just a few steps past where the previous shot was taken.


Captured along the road leading to the Park

More of the mist. It left as quickly as it arrived.

Not all of our encounters are of the "ghostly" kind.

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