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Ashmore Estates
Ashmore, Illinois
     Located outside Ashmore, Illinois, it sits quietly in the open, a reminder of years past. It has been through many owners, and has been used for various businesses. And it has been the victim of vandalism over the years. But a solid part of Cole County history, she continues to stand as a reminder of others less fortunate.
     The original Cole County poor farm was located near Loxa, Illinois. In 1870 the county purchased 260 acres near Ashmore and constructed a small facility, out of bricks and timber. Because this was a Poor Farm, or Almshouse, many of the residents had no where to go in death, and many were buried on the grounds. 
     In 1916, the county commissioned a new building to be constructed, one that was fireproof. Once erected, it was home to many people, and continued to be until 1959 when the building was sold to Ashmore Estates, and served as a private psychiatric hospital.
     Time changes, and in the building closed, to be reopened in 1965 as a private facility, receiving patients from various state mental facilities.
     In 1976 she was again sold, but financial problems caused her to be closed again in 1986. A private person purchased her in 1998 and intended to create a home, but vandalism continued and he decided to not go through with these plans.
   Photo by Karen Martin  2006 saw her purchased and opened as a host to a haunted  house, and open for private overnight stays. Mother nature came through in 2013 and caused a great amount of damage, tearing off the roof and part from the back of the building. Would this be the end of her? In 2014, Robbin Terry purchased the building and has worked really hard to restore the building, to where weather will no longer continue to destroy this wonderful old girl. He has replaced the entire roof, as well as windows  on all floors. He has cleaned the junk from the building and made it safe to be inside. And he has created tracks in the floors/ceilings to help paranormal teams set up their equipment. We look forward to seeing where she will go in the future. And want to thank Robbin for helping to preserve a part of history.
     But we wonder if many of the residents have either never left, or have returned to Ashmore estates. People have reported seeing shadow figures, being touched, hearing voices in the building. David Lowery, who helps Robbin and currently lives on the property, reports having seen figures and having heard voices when he was alone in the building. The story goes that a doctor jumped to his death from the third floor. And that a little girl named Elva Skinner died in the original building, when her dress caught on fire while she was dressing. Her mother remarried shortly afterward. Does the doctor continue to check on patients? Does Elva wander the floor, looking for her mother? Or is there someone else who walks the halls? 
     We investigated this grand old lady on a very cold night in November. This was a joint investigation with River City Paranormal and FEAR Paranormal. We came prepared with hand warmers, coveralls, insulated socks and gloves, stocking caps, and plenty of snack foods.  Were we successful? Did we capture any evidence? Check out our pages to find out. And if you get the chance, check her out for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
The photo above is from Karen Martin, and used with her permission. It shows the progression of reconstruction that Ashmore Estates has gone through over the last few months. To find out more about Ashmore Estates, or to book an investigation, click this link:   Ashmore Estates 
The cornerstone of the building, showing that the cornerstone was set in 1916.
Our team with our friend Jolene from River City Paranormal Society.
The only original piece of furniture left in the building.
David Lowery gives a tour of the building.
Teri and Shane from IL-Mo with Jolene from RCPS investigate the doctor's room, 3rd floor.
The writing is on the wall, from many previous investigations.

David and Teri pose for a photo during the investigation.
Shane listens while Sharon videos down the long hallway.
The construction stone, listing the contractors of the 1916 building.
Long hallway on the 3rd floor, where the team saw shadow figure, and a shadow stepping out of a doorway.
Investigating in the boiler room area.
Vision to the past.
Yep, it was snowing this
night. Was cold but
sure made for some
pretty scenery.
Any time we find something we just don't understand, we try very hard to break it down, and see if we can come up with an explanation. And sometimes we send it out to others, to get their ideas. And this is exactly what happened with the following photos.
These were captured on a trail cam, set to go off at timed intervals, and as motion as well. There were over 400 photos captured this night on this device, but we are posting only three here. And we can not explain the anomaly that is seen. Neither can those we have shown the photos to. So please give us your best idea, and we will definitely be looking to recreate this shot at our next visit.
Taken at 1052 PM
Everything is clear.
Taken at 1051 PM
Abnormality noted, unable to determine.
Picture full-size below. 
Taken at 1052 PM
Everything is clear again.
Preformed by Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: Monsters of Legends, 2013
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate
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