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Ashmore Estates
Audio Files
    When we arrived, we had no idea what we would find. And the weather, how would it effect our equipment? Would the spirits which reside there come out to play, or do they feel the cold and stay away? To say we were surprised and impressed with the audio clips we found would definitely be an understatement. And the building was so quiet that night! Seems like that is the best time to capture evidence.
     We present to you now the audio recordings captured that night which we can not offer any explanation. Please let us know what you think.
The recordings with an * are from Jolene, a team member of River City Paranormal Society, and are being used with permission.
 Audio Clips:
2nd Floor
3rd Floor, Doctor's Room
3rd floor, no one present at the time
Spirit Box Sessions:
All of these from the 3rd floor
All captured on the 3rd floor
This is from the 3rd floor, during a spirit box
session. But what we are hearing, we are not
so sure is from the box, but from around us.
This is a little different than we normally post.
Outside the boiler room, and no one was there.
This audio was extracted from video that was taken.
The video didn't show anything, but we did hear
something that just didn't fit with the conversation
between two team members.
* The above were captured on the 3rd floor
and are the property of RCPS
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