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Ashmore Estates
Ashmore, Illinois

    Some places just beg us to return, and Ashmore Estates is one of those places. After our last visit, we were looking forward to seeing what we could do when it wasn't so cold! And this time, the temperatures cooperated very well. We had the chance to try out some new equipment, which is always great. And Ashmore never lets you down! We had some interesting experiences, including trying to figure out how the lights in the stairwells turned on without anyone moving around, at least that we know of. Hmmmm.
     Robbin and Dave have been working on the bunkhouses, and they are almost ready to go! This will make the next trip to Ashmore very sweet indeed! So follow us for this visit and see what we learned, as we once again visit this historic ole lady.

From the road, the ole lady stands proud.

Teri, David, and Jolene during an echovox session.
William Knollenberg, Commissioner in 1916.
Teri waits, while holding a trigger object.
Our trigger object, "The Girl."
Sign welcoming all.
Jolene listens to hear what is said.
Looking down from the second floor.
The wheelchair sits and waits.
Sharon and  Jolene in a room.
David, Jolene, and Sharon during an Echovox session.
The new bunkhouses, and fire pit!
We watch "the girl" in action.
David steps in for a picture with the team.
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From the CD: Out Of The Darkness, 2006
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