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Ashmore Estates
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     Once inside this lady, you can start to get a sense of her past. The day we were there, there was a photo display of the commissioner, his family, as well as photos taken of the building back in the day. We so enjoyed viewing these pictures, and wanted to include them on this page. History is everything and we enjoy stepping back to relive those days, even if it is only for a short time.
Commissioner William Knollenberg and his wife Elsie.
Older photo of William Knollenberg and his family
Eastern view of Ashmore. Work has since been done
to the south outside sections.
All set up and ready to go.
We hope to catch some shadows along this hallway.
All the above were captured on the 2nd floor.
Captured on the 3rd floor.
Captured on the 2nd floor. Were using the ghost box
but what we hear is not on the box.
Captured outside the break room, 1st floor.
All captured on the 2nd floor nurses station.


All captured at the 2nd floor nurses station.
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