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Antioch Cemetery

     Anyone who has ever just taken off and started to drive along a back country road knows that you can sometimes end up just about anywhere. What seems like a road can lead to a pasture, and sometimes what seems like a dead end turns out to be a walk into an amazing place full of history. Such was the trip to Antioch Cemetery. It is located just off a blacktop road, down a gravel road, and than down a one-land road towards what looks like a field or pasture. But at the end of this road you will find this quaint little cemetery, boasting years of history and the final resting place of many of the area's citizens. Reading the stones is like reading a "Who's Who" of the county! And walking the cemetery, one can only reflect on the names and dates, and really wonder about the time that these citizens, young and not so young, lived and died.
     Searching through the records at the courthouse, there is a warranty deed dated September, 1889 where F. Schuknecht and his wife A. Schuknecht conveys to the Elders and Trustees of Antioch Congregation Of The Christian Church the land where the cemetery now resides. Looking through a book of local cemeteries, there is a pencil drawing of what the church was suppose to look like when it was still standing. Records show that Antioch Christian Church was organized in May of 1850, holding services on the 3rd Sunday of the month. The first building was erected in 1858. The second building was built in 1879 at a cost of $800. Membership at that time was 83. There are indications that services were still being held there in 1926, but no further records have been found at this time. We will continue to research this cemetery and add information as it is uncovered. We do know that the church building itself if no longer standing, and many of the stones are not readable. But the cemetery is maintained fairly well, and occasionally a burial still occurs there. 
     Please come join us as we take a walk through this quiet place of rest, and think about the lives that these stones represent. And we hope that they are finding their sleep a peaceful one.
Fannie E. White
Born May 15, 1866
Died September 7, 1889
Age: 23 years
Wealthy Barrow Cooley
Born October 18, 1846
Died November 15, 1874
Age  28 years
Married September 27, 1863  to
     Jefferson Cooley

Nicholas Tuttle
Private in Colonel Clark's Virginia Company  Revolutionary War
The surrounding view, where the fields touch the sky, and where the
cemetery is frequently viewed by the neighbors cattle.
Dora Gilstrap died in 1959 from congestive heart failure.
Bright Gilstrap died in 1952 from cancer.
Dora Shoemaker and Bright Gilstrap were married May 20, 1891
Julia Francis Buster
Born February 21, 1852
Died August 15, 1929
Age 77, complications of Diabetes
Married Felix R. Buster March 26, 1904
Felix died October 8, 1917
Elizabeth Anspauch
Born November 25, 1872
Died September 4, 1874
Age 21 months
Parents Hiram and Missouria F. Anspauch
Hiram Anspauch died in 1900
Parrellee Reed
Born September 25, 1895
Died October 29, 1910
Age 15 years
No additional information has been
found regarding this young girl.
Baby Riddle
Born October 13, 1870
Died December 18, 1870
Age 2 months, 5 days
Parents A. G. and Elizabeth Riddle

We bless the Angels, who are now standing
beside and will be with you forever. 
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