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Annabel Lee's Tea Room
Jacksonville, Illinois
     Jacksonville, Illinois is a town rich in history, and mystery. Known as one of the most haunted towns in Illinois, it boasts events which dates back to the Civil War and the start of the railroad. Today this quaint town offers small town friendliness which offering some of the bigger city perks. Jacksonville has been the location of many educational opportunities, including the School For The Blind, and the School For The Deaf, MacMurray College, and Illinois College. Since it was first chartered in 1825, Jacksonville has advanced in opportunities and population, and remains a very nice place to call home.
     But along with its history, Jacksonville is steeped with reports of hauntings. From the Rectory to the college, stories of ghosts and voices from nobody have been noted for many years now. And Annabel Lee's Tea Room has not avoided those stories.
     Annabel Lee's Tea Room is the site of a former transfer station with the Alton Railroad. The inside has been remodeled, somewhat, to be an inviting place to take a break and get a bite to eat, to place host to an event, or to shop for some of its unique items. We say somewhat because a large portion of the inside has remained original, including the elevator shaft in the middle of the room. You can look up to the top floor, and down to the bottom! The current owner, April, has  been in the building for several years, and has many reports of voices, shadow figures, things being moved, and apparitions. Doors have been noted to open by themselves, and sometimes lock where one has trouble getting out! Could the spirits of Alton travel this route, along the path of the railroad? Do the souls of the workers remain, still trying to do their job? Or could there be another reason some have chosen to remain? 
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers traveled to Jacksonville to try to answer some of these questions. Along with our friends at Capital Area Paranormal Society (  CAPS  ) we were introduced to the owner April and given a tour of the building. Would the spirits come out to play? We would just have to wait and see. So please join us now as we tell our tale of this investigation, and see what might still remain.
You can visit the following for more information:  Facebook for Annabel Lee's   Annabel Lee's 
CAPS members Trish and Dave,
with owner April. We appreciate
the opportunity to investigate
your building, and enjoyed
spending time visiting with
Teri shoots video in the basement.
Room where Denny and
Teri had a strange
vibe during the
Also had cold chills in the room, where the temperatures we anything but cold.
Investigate team for the night: Denny, Sharon, and Teri, with guest investigator Michelle.
Evidence remains of what the building was used for in past years.
Lots of cubby holes, where they used to hold items, waiting for the next pick-up. Different sensations were noted in this general area.
Sharon and Michelle in the basement.
Teri and Denny in the conference room. They had several episodes of strange sensations and the feeling of being watched in this room.
Denny investigates using the
Spirit Box.
We  used several different types of audio devices this night.
Our Ovilus said many names, but most we have not been able
to validate through research, so we are not including them on
this page.
In The Basement
Part of what is heard on this clip is our team, but the last
part is not.
This was the first time we had this happen. And the recorder
was still scanning through the channels, as evidenced by
the numbers changing on the spirit box.
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