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Amber Cemetery,
Amber, Iowa
     It is no secret that our team likes to wander around old cemeteries. Walking around, reading the names on the stones, you can get a sense of the community, of the lives that once existed in the area. Families buried together over the years, evident by dates going further and further back, and stones with the same last name getting newer and newer. The death ages range from old down to the very young. And many of these souls are responsible for the community and area having grown as it has. Sometimes the stones are hard to read, sometimes they are broken off and moved, and sometimes the lettering is completely gone. But the memories of those buried will forever be more than a fleeting soul moving along into the next world.
     The town of Amber, Iowa is no different. Just a small area along the road now, it has a history that goes back more than a hundred forty years, and many of the persons who influenced this area now rest in this quaint cemetery.
     Amber, Iowa started out as the town of Blue Cut, first established in 1873 with the building of the Midland Division of the Northwest Railroad. The town changed its name to Amber in 1878. Buildings were erected, lives celebrated, passings mourned, and yet each morning, the sun continued to rise and than set again in the evening. Generations grew up, grew old, and than passed on to their rewards. And sometimes the memories of the past were forgotten. Sometimes all the sacrifices necessary for the town to survive as it is today become more history than feeling. And someday, like so many others, this town might cease to exist as it does now, leaving the residents of this cemetery alone and silent in the dark.
     We wish to honor the memories of those that helped with the early struggles to form this community. Presented here are some of the persons with an early history in this town. Research has helped us to learn more of some, and less about others. But to each one listed here, and to those that we can find no information regarding, we wish you to know that you are not now, nor will you ever be totally forgotten. And that your deeds, while not always known, will forever be appreciated.
Nathan Joseph Steckel, born in Pennsylvania October 11, 1854 to Ephram and Sarah Ann Steckel.
Nathan Steckel was a carpenter by trade, and operated a business in Amber. On November 11, 1908 a fire started in his building and than spread, resulting in the loss of three buildings and the death of Nathan Steckel.
Jacob Weiss was born in Pennsylvania on March 4, 1820, the son of George and Elizabeth Heller Weiss.  He married Clarrissa Steckel on January 1, 1843.
There is a record of a J. A. Weiss being a businessman in Amber. John A. Weiss as well as Joseph A. Weiss are listed in the history of the town, so we are not sure if J. A. refers to Jacob or not. Joseph A. Weiss was a son of Jacob and Clarrissa, and was one of the first postmasters of Amber. The other child born of this marriage was Darius, who died in 1871.
Clarrissa Steckel Weiss was born in Pennsylvania in 1825. She was one of 14 children born of her parents. Her father than remarried and had 4 additional children.
Peter S. Robinson, born in 1861, was one of at least 9 children to James and Elizabeth smith Robinson. Both of Peter's parents were born in Scotland. He died in 1921.
Peter Robinson was one of the original stockholders in the Amber Cooperative Creamory Company, as well as being a charter member of the  Modern Woodmen Of America.
Mary Ann Hinds Robinson was born in Iowa in 1868 to Joseph and Mary J. Polly Bradley Hinds. Joseph was born in England while Mary was born in Wisconsin. She married Peter Robinson December 28, 1887. They were the parents of 5 children.
Mary was noted to be a Moniter of Amber Lodge #805 Mystic Workers
Philip Bailey was born in 1864 in New York, a son of John and Mary Bailey. He was one of 5 children. 
Philip Bailey was a charter member of Modern Woodmen Of America.
Elizabeth Bailey Hartman was born in Germany in 1848, the daughter of John and Maria Ann Stretz Bailey. She was the first wife of Henry Hartman, being married on March 26, 1866. She died in 1882
Henry C. Hartman was born in Ohio on July 30, 1844, the son of Tilghman and Elizabeth Steckel Hartman. He and Elizabeth had 4 children. Following his wife's death, her remarried in 1883 to Ida Morrison. Henry died on June 22, 1903.
Henry Hartman was one of the first officers of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Amber. 
Jeannette M. Ruhe was the daughter of Owen T. and Etta Ruhe. She died in 1902.
Owen T. Ruhe was a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, as well as a stockholder of the Amber Creamery Company.
Tilghman Ruhe was born, and died in 1895. He was the son of Owen T. and Etta Ruhe. No other details could be found.
Philip Hildenbrandt was born in Germany on January 30, 1820. He arrived in New York in 1843. He married Margaret Hahn, and together they had 4 children. He died December 19, 1891 at the age of 71 years. 
Philip was noted to the be postmaster of Amber from 1887-1889.

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