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Alton Cemetery
Alton, Illinois

     The cobblestone road climbs up a fairly steep hill. It was built so that all would have a view of the Mississippi River, but as time has marched on and progress has, well progressed, the view of the Mighty Mississippi has diminished. The departed now rest quietly, disguised in places by the trees which were so long ago planted. Here, in this serene location, you can find some of the founding fathers of the city of Alton. Their tales are from heroic to tragic, each a stepping stone in the construction of the town that now is. But the beauty of the area can only be appreciated by stepping outside the vehicle and through the gates, walking along the stone paths, reading the stones, and taking a peek inside the mausoleum. Do souls still roam this cemetery, maybe looking for lost family? Do they gaze to the south and see, not trees and houses, but the gently flowing Mississippi River of so long ago? Do they welcome visitors, or do they wish people would just stay away? We do not know the answer to these questions, but we hope that they welcome our visits. Please come with us as we retrace our visit to this lovely cemetery, and hope that the spirits are grateful for our visit, as we remember their existence.


This massive stone sits on the south side of the cemetery, a memorial erected to Elijah Lovejoy, and to the belief that peace should exist at all times. The winged angel resides on top of the tall pillar, while the eagle and cup are located on pillars surrounding the larger stone. 

Many famous persons are buried in this cemetery. This is the final resting place of Minor Watson, who starred in  several classics, including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Yankee Doodle Dandy.
This couple now rests eternally together, having both been lost
with the sinking of the Lusitania.
 The Whipple family planted 35 different variety of trees around the cemetery, including many of which still grow around the cemetery. 
The stone for the small daughter was stolen. Measures were recently taken to replace the stone. Now the entire family can rest together forever.
This stone is dedicated to the memory of a husband. The carvings
represent many things.  The tree trunk represents a life cut short, the ivy is for friendship, and the harp with two broken strings represents an immortal life.
 A beautiful tombstone representing multiple members of
the Hermann family.

The Drummonds owned a tobacco industry in the area, as well
as being the owners of the Mineral Springs building when it was 
still two separate buildings.
The mausoleum located inside the Alton Cemetery
Interesting stone vault covering the burial sites of the Kolb Family. Both sport crosses in the middle of the covering, and are elevated above the ground. 
Elijah Lovejoy was the publisher of a local Alton paper, who was against slavery. He had two printing presses destroyed. When the third press was set, a fight erupted with gunfire, and Elijah Lovejoy was killed. 
Edmund Beall was once the mayor of Alton. He was also involved in theBeall Tool and Dye Company, who produced the shovels used to dig the Panama Canal. 

Dedicated to those that remember the view to the river with no obstruction. May you always rest quietly in this beautiful cemetery.
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