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Rural Midwest
    Most of the calls we receive are from people who are having activity which they can't explain, and often they are frightened.  For many, the thought of a spirit in their house is just too much for them to understand, and they just want that spirit to leave, and to leave them alone. But this isn't what happened with this investigation. In fact, it was the exact opposite.
     We received a message via Facebook, regarding a house located in a rural part of the country. The lady had lived here for several years, and had had some strange occurrences which she could not explain. Her husband had died 20 years ago, yet at times she would smell his pipe tobacco. A picture of her daughter, who died 30 years ago would be found on the kitchen table, instead of on the cabinet where she kept it. A picture of her husband would also be moved to a different location. Many times voices would be heard by visitors, and they were not of anyone they could see. Her son, who had resided in the house before she moved in 6 years ago, said his girls didn't like staying upstairs, but would not really tell the reason. Her dog and cats she notes will often stare at something not visible. And she has seen shadows standing in the doorway and in the living room. She did not want the spirits to leave, she just wanted to know who was living with her, and she wanted validation that she was not imagining what was happening. 
     So it was to this remote location our team went this past summer. We set up our equipment and readied our recorders, and hoped to be able to provide some answers to this lady, to help her understand who and why she was having this happen to her. Did we find any answers? Do we know who stays here, and why? Follow us now and see, and remember that not everything is always as it seems.
     Due to respect for our client, no outside photos of the house will be displayed. As an additional note, we had several names come up under review, but as we have not been able to validate these names, they will not be presented at this time. Additional research will be required, and if we are able to connect the names to persons who lived in the house, we will than add that evidence to what is being presented now. Our client, of course, has the entire recordings and was very pleased with what she found out.

Teri and Beth sit upstairs in the green room. The is one of the rooms where the son's daughter would not stay.
The picture of her daughter, which she would find moved into other parts of the house.
Equipment set up. Client's sister once sat her purse here, with the keys outside the purse. When she left and than returned, the keys had been placed inside the purse once again.
Teri shows the client how the Ovilus works.
The picture of her husband, which she will find moved to another location. 
Beth and Sharon in the green room, where most of the activity happened that night.
This was captured in the green room, after Beth and Sharon
had been doing an EVP session.
We had several names mentioned during the night, but have not been able to verify any of them. We were able to, though, correct
some information that the client had received regarding a young
girl who was to have died in the 1950's, while living but not necessarily in the house itself. Our research showed that this girl
did in fact exist, but died in the early 2000's. We have not been able
to find anyone who died during the time frame we had been given.
During our investigation, we tried to make contact with the young girl
we thought had died in the 1950's. We seldom get K-2 hits, so 
this was pretty exciting. 
 So is this a direct response to questions and statements?
The person mentioned did, in fact, live in the house at one time.
But she did not die in the house. Who we were possibly
interacting with, we are still unsure.
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