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     Every year, you stop to reflect on what has gone on in the past, and what you would like to do in the future. This year's reflection has been very hard, because of a huge shake-up in our team. One member decided to leave to pursue investigations with another team. So this made us look long and hard at continuing our team, or just shutting down.
     We had every intention of just quitting, but have decided to give it some time to see how things go. And to change our way of doing things in this, the new year.
     We have been rushing around so much in the past few years, that we have just missed so many of the important things in life. Birthdays, family, friends, other interests have been pushed aside. And we have decided that it is more important to spend time with the living, instead of so much time with the dead. Or one day, we will be one of the dead, and realize how much we missed the living when they were around.
     So this year will definitely be a year of change. We are not going to concentrate so much on "chasing" the paranormal, as doing what got us into this in the first place, helping others. The living are going to be our concern. We will be looking at getting back to grassroots, and looking for investigations in homes, to help those that are living with questions. Those that fear their own safe haven, which is something that should never happen. 
     So this year we may do several investigations, or none. We plan to spend some time visiting the cemeteries around, to learn more about their history and the ones who reside there. There is often such a peace in the cemeteries, and that can help keep one grounded all the more. And we may step into some of our favorite locations, just because, well, because they are our favorites and we like visiting them.
     We may shut down, or just possibly go dormant for a while. Only time will tell.  We are always interested in more team members, so welcome any requests to talk. But one thing is for sure, the living will become more important in our lives, and hopefully through them we can more fully understand the departed.
     Thanks for being along for the ride all this time.
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